Naia, wearing her galaxy wolf-shirt, collar, and purse.

Hi – I’m Naia! I’m a transgender wolf girl that had the unfortunate luck of becoming an internet meme back in 2013. I’m mostly known for my presence in the alterhuman community, and for the infamous forced memetic catchphrase: on all levels except physical, I am a wolf. But, in reality I do a lot more interesting stuff than barking at standing water. For example, I:

  • am an ethical hacker & information security nerd,
  • am a physical security and access control system nerd,
  • am a public speaker,
  • am a disability advocate within the education sector,
  • am one of the founders of Autistic Pride Day (I was 12!),
  • am an LGBT advocate,
  • am an investigator both by profession and nature.
  • REALLY like Sonic The Hedgehog games.

So, this site serves as both a massive profile with information about me that you never wanted or needed to know, as well as my personal blog. It also contains various proofs of identity linking my other social networking and messaging accounts to each other. Essentially, it is the digital hub for all things Naia. You can also use the contact page on this site to get in touch with me, book me for a convention, or all sorts of other things. So, enjoy! 🐺