Television, Video & YouTube

Naia has appeared on international television, as well as in various YouTube videos.

Anthony Padilla

Naia appears in a video on Anthony Padilla’s YouTube channel.

The Wizard Of Odd TV

Naia appears in a biography video on The Wizard Of Odd TV’s YouTube channel.

Owning It

Naia appeared in MTV’s “Owning It” series in a special episode about the otherkin community. The episode is a biography of Naia’s experiences as they were in 2015. Naia is credited under her former name, Shiro Ulv.

What!?: I think I’m An Animal

Naia appeared in the infamous “I Think I’m An Animal” documentary. Her appearance in this documentary spawned the internet meme “On all levels except physical, I am a wolf”. Naia discusses her dissatisfaction with the documentary in this blog post. Unfortunately, as she presented as masculine at the time, the video below misgenders Naia.

Radio & Podcasts

Occasionally, Naia has been interviewed by various radio stations and podcasts.

You might be a werewolf…

Naia was interviewed by Kiah & Tara Jean of JACK 96.9 for a segment titled “You might be a werewolf…”

Printed Media

Naia has appeared in various forms of printed media including newspapers and magazines.

The Brunswick News

Naia has been featured multiple times in The Brunswick News in various articles ranging from: disability advocacy, science & technology, volunteering, and more.

My Life As A Therian

Naia was featured in Pacific Standard magazine in a short article titled “My Life as a Therian”.

Q&A With A Wolf

Naia was featured in Vol. 2 Issue 10 of “The Crow’s Nest” in an article titled “Q&A With A Wolf”. The Crow’s Nest is a college publication authored by students of College of Coastal Georgia.