Rules Of Engagement

Before contacting me, please review my key policy and rules of engagement. Thank you for your interest in speaking to me! By contacting me, you agree to my Rules of Engagement. If you are unable to agree to my Rules of Engagement, please do not contact me.

Security Keys – I maintain a profile on, which links various identity proofs together. For example, it proves that the owner of this domain name also maintains the GPG key with the fingerprint of B233C13D3A57958CC31FC182D6A03A9BC54B0F9F. Because Keybase is a single point of failure, it shouldn’t be explicitly trusted. However, it can be used to reasonably prove various resources are owned by or controlled by me.

GPG Key – If communicating with me over email and you would like security, please encrypt the email to my public GPG key. I publish my GPG key to the public key server. My key has a fingerprint of B233C13D3A57958CC31FC182D6A03A9BC54B0F9F.

OTR Keys – When using XMPP or other forms of instant messaging, I prefer to use Off-the-Record Messaging. This ensures both security and plausible deniability of conversations. My primary OTR key’s fingerprint is: 005D1DE97AC0319A4F1117546710EA28D48303C1 and my mobile OTR key’s fingerprint is: ECD97C679531A4DAA99A59b4EF4257B0C09FF73E

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