I will not be attending SonoCon 2019

Effective immediately, I am withdrawing from my participation in SonoCon 2019. You may recall that I had stated that this year would be my last year attending SonoCon due to their treatment of multiple volunteers. I also stated that I would honor my commitment to my fans and appear this year. However, after disrespectful behavior towards myself that occured on part of the con staff, failure to promptly investigate and handle the original complaint, among other issues I don’t wish to get into, I cannot in good faith attend SonoCon as an official guest. That would at least lightly imply that I support the organization, its management, and its staff — currently, I do not and cannot.


Official Statement on Sonocon



A few days ago, you may recall that I announced my intention to withdraw from appearing as a guest at Sonocon in Montgomery, AL. I then deleted these messages and stated that I will remain on the guest list pending investigation into staff misconduct. After pondering the situation for a while, I have reached a conclusion about what to do. I am going to appear this year because I made a commitment to my fans, friends in the area, and the con itself and as a wolf I do not break my commitments. However, this will be my last year appearing at Sonocon.


My thoughts on “I Think I’m An Animal”

This is yet another cautionary tale of media manipulation.

On all levels except physical, I am a wolf. [barks] Meme
The infamous meme…

I’ve talked a lot about how I’m quite disappointed with my TV appearance and what a disaster I think it was. I get a lot of questions about what in specific I was unhappy with, so I’ve decided to make a master list of some points that explain how the mockumentary was manipulated! Let’s begin, shall we?