A photo of Naia
The wolf girl in her natural habitat.

Naia Ōkami is a twenty five year old girl that’s well known for declaring that she is a wolf (on all levels except physical) on international television. She has been a member of the therianthropy and otherkin communities for over fourteen years. She’s the founder and current administrator of Kinmunity. Occasionally, she appears as a special guest at various conventions and hosts panels on otherkin and therianthropy.

Ōkami is an ethical hacker, public speaker, investigator, activist, and all around nerd. As an ethical hacker, her main bragging rights are: finding various arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities within a long-running social MMO, eradicating the NavaShield, AnVI, and Windows Defence families of malware, and contributing to the fight against terrorism. She is also a frequent public speaker in the education sector, where she educates teachers and professors on invisible disabilities and tolerance within the classroom. She is one of the people responsible for founding Autistic Pride Day, celebrated each year on June 18th (her birthday). She has also served as an advocate to students and parents in education matters, ensuring that schools comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. Further she is a frequent special guest at conventions where I host a panels on alterhuman identities. She’s worked in various investigative career fields, most notably in loss prevention or cybersecurity related fields

Ōkami has worked in the diverse fields of: investigations, information technology, information security, web development, and game development. When she is not working, Ōkami enjoys attending furry, anime, and comic conventions with her friends. She’s also a huge retro gamer with a particular love for the Sonic The Hedgehog series.